Get Along Coyotes!
Group Name The SOUND of USD Marching Band; Jazz and Symphonic Band; Chamber and Symphony Orchestra
Album ID - 55758-MCD

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The University of South Dakota is, located in Vermillion, South Dakota and is a leading University for music and music education in the United States. Dedicated Professors, faculty and staff have created a music department that is high quality, hardworking, experienced and always caring. The music department is turning out some of the finest musicians the Midwest has to offer!

This disc features outstanding ensembles from the University of South Dakota music department: It features outstanding conductors as well as these ensembles: Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, Wind Symphony, Jazz Ensemble, and Marching Band!

You will get energized from the opening Marching Band track and enjoy a sided variety of excellent music. You will soon hear why The University of South Dakota is a hidden gem in the Midwest!

The SOUND of USD Marching Band
1. Fight Song
South Dakota Victory
Hail South Dakota

2. Get Along Coyotes

Jazz Band
3. Grove City Groover
4. In a Sentimental Mood

Symphonic Band
5. I. Overture
6. II. Ballad
7. III. Fusion

Chamber Orchestra
Suite for Strings
8. A-Roving
9. I Have a Bonnet Trimmed with Blue
10. O Waly Waly (The Water Is Wide)
11. Dashing Away

Symphony Orchestra
12. El Ruido del Agua
13. III. Porta Palazzo from Piazze di Torino
Todd Cranson, tuba soloist

The SOUND of USD Marching Band
14. Pregame Tunnel Sequence
Dakota Days Song
Oh Yes, Well Yell USD
Pioneer Song

15. Go Yotes Cheer