2005 FLORIDA MUSIC EDUCATORS ASSOC. (FMEA) All-State 9-12 Reading Chorus & 9-12 Mens Chorus (TTBB)
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Album ID - 5593-MCD

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WILL KESLING, CONDUCTOR The Star Spangled Banner/F. S. Key - Arise, Shine for Thy Light Has Come/E. Fishinger - Song of Athene/J. Tavener - Death Shall Not Destroy My Comfort/M. Wilberg - Sleep/E. Whitacre E. Rock/arr. P. Johnson ALL-STATE 9-12 TTBB CHORUS JEFFERY AMES, CONDUCTOR Tshotshotoza/J. Ames - Zion hort die Wachter singen/D. Buxtehude - Toccata of Praise/J. Martin - A Vucchella/F. P. Tosti - Think On Me/V. Johnson/J. Fit - Battle of Jericho/J. Ames