Collaborations Vol. 2 - Nasta Trappsteg (Next Step) The Music of Anders Astrand
Group Name Miles Osland and Anders Astrand
Album ID - 55969-MCD

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Miles Osland - soprano & alto saxophones;piccolo, C, alto & bass flutes
Anders Astrand - vibes & marimba

Miles Osland - Collaborations, Volume 2: Nasta Trappsteg (Next Step), the Music of Anders Astand, is Oslands second release in a planned multi-volume excursion into multi-cultural and multi-instrumental collaborations. In his sophomore collaborative effort, Miles concentrates on soprano and alto saxophone saxophones, along with the entire flute family. The recording features the compositional and instrumental talents of the exquisite Swedish performer Anders Astrand. Anders focuses on vibraphone and marimba for this recording. Anders and Miles have been playing together in many different musical aggregations for well over 20 years, and their familiarity with each others musical approach, especially in regard to improvisational compatibilities, really shine through on the recording.

1. Nine Steps
2. Ten Steps
3. Seven Steps
4. Meditation Moment
5. August
6. Pitter Patter
7. Ice Sculpture
8. Anne