Widening Circles: New Works for Tuba
Group Name Daniel Rowland (tuba); Kaju Lee (piano)
Album ID - 55971-MCD

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1. Metal Monday
2. Pax Aeternam
3. From a Blue Birds Window

Two Portraits of Nyx
4. Mvt II. The Mother of Sleep Longs for Her Daughter

Widening Circles
5. Mvt I. Andante
6. Mvt II. Eine Sibylle, Patiently
7. Mvt III. Spaziergang, Passacaglia: adagio

8. Data Decay

Widening Circles is an album of all new commissioned works for tuba that I began piecing together in 2019. The title comes from the first piece of music I ever paid someone to write for me, Widening Circles, by Joshua William Mills, which is included on the album. Creating an album of all commissions not only helped me widen my circle of composer friends, but also helped me widen the circle of interesting tuba repertoire. A few of the commissions were requested with specific intentions. I really like new music, unaccompanied music, and electronic music, but find there is not a lot of music out there to bridge the gap between beginner and professional. As such, Metal Monday, Two Portraits of Nyx, and Data Decay were commissioned with the intent of being playable by undergraduate tuba players.
The album was recorded in the main concert hall at University of Wisconsin-Platteville, where I currently teach, with the intention of giving the listener a somewhat live experience instead of a studio experience. I sincerely hope you enjoy this album of new works and consider programming some of the music yourself!
Immense thanks to University of Wisconsin-Plattevilles support of this project. Funding for this album came from the Scholarly Activity Improvement Fund, the College of Liberal Arts and Education Deans Fund, and the Department of Performing and Visual Arts Professional Development Fund. Immense thanks to Laura Anderson (PVA Chair) for her support and to Amy Udelhofen for all of her logistical help and advice.