The Music of Claude T. Smith, Vol. V: Declaration!
Group Name Texas Tech University Concert Band
Conductor Claude T. Smith
Album ID - 55995-MCD

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These CDs were originally performed by the Texas Tech University Concert Band at Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX on Feb. 24-25, 1978, and released by Wingert-Jones Music.
The Texas Tech University band under the direction of Dean Killion undertook this recording project with Claude T. Smith. On Friday, February 24, the band assembled and rehearsed with Smith conducting. Some of the tracks were recorded that evening with only one take. The following morning on February 25, they were informed that Mr. Killion had collapsed during the night. Tests concluded that Killion had a brain tumor and Smith conducted the recording session as the performers played with artistry, emotion, and heart.
The Symphonic Band Music of Claude T. Smith, was originally recorded on DAT masters and pressed onto vinyl as a two-record set. In 1994 it was re-released in cassette form. Using the cassettes as masters, they were then released on CD format. In 2022, Mark Custom Records has remastered and digitized these recordings.
Many band directors have literally worn out the original recordings produced by Wingert-Jones. I am very appreciative of Larry Clark, current President of Wingert-Jones for giving Claude T. Smith Publications, Inc. permission to release these recordings, and for Mark Morette at Mark Custom Recordings for digitizing these timeless recordings that were once conducted by my Dad.
- Pam Smith Kelly

1. Eternal Father, Strong to Save
2. Concert Dance and Intermezzo
3. Acclamation
4. Declaration Overture
5. God of Our Fathers
6. Joyance
7. Concert Variations
8. Prelude-Variations
9. Credence
10. Overture Romantique
11. March Spiritoso