The Music of Claude T. Smith, Vol. VI: Inspirations!
Group Name University of Kansas Bands
Album ID - 55996-MCD

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Many band directors have literally worn out the original recordings produced by Wingert-Jones. I am very appreciative of Larry Clark, current President of Wingert-Jones for giving Claude T. Smith Publications, Inc. permission to release these recordings, and for Mark Morette at Mark Custom Recording Service for digitizing these timeless recordings that were once conducted by my Dad.
This album is dedicated to Robert E. Foster.
- Pam Smith Kelly

1. Festival Variations
2. Boys of the Old Brigade
3. Dramatic Prelude
4. Emperata Overture
5. Variations on a Revolutionary Hymn
6. Citation (Concert March)
7. Incidental Suite
8. Danse Folatre
9. Chorale and Allegro
10. Rejoice in Glorious Hope
11. Sonus Ventorum