The Music of Leroy Osmon, Vol. VIII
Group Name Moores School of Music - University of Houston
Conductor David Bertman; Dana Pradervand
Album ID - 56128-MCD

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1. March to Xibalba March Fantasy
2. The Widows Party (Percy A. Grainger setting Osmon)
3. A Larks Song in the Clear Air
4. Aluxes
5. Chikungunya (that which bends up)
6. Canciones y Sones de Mexico (Songs and Sounds of Mexico)
7. The Rabbit and the Coyote (El Conejo y el Coyote)
Leroy Osmon (English Narrator)
8. El Conejo y el Coyote (The Rabbit and the Coyote)
Amaury Leon Sosa (Spanish Narrator)
9. Harrison 1922
10. Tower of the Winds
11. Incantations (Rituals of the Bacabs)