Miles Osland - Swedish Connections: Collaborations, Volume 3
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This is Oslands third release in a planned multi-volume excursion into multi-cultural, multi- instrumental collaborations. This two CD set highlights two distinct instrumental ensembles in two separate recording sessions in Vallentuna and Stockholm, Sweden. Disc One, titled DADA - Jazz from Sweden, features Osland on soprano and alto saxophones and flute. This disc showcases the swingingly innovative compositions of Jan Levander and his masterful technique on sopranino, soprano, tenor and tubax saxophones along with acoustic guitar and bagpipes accompaniments. The quintet is rounded out with Alberto Pinto on baritone saxophone, bass clarinet and flute; Filip Augustson on string bass and Anders Astrand on drumset. Disc Two, titled Overseas Session, is a trio with Miles, Anders (this time on vibes and marimba), and Mikael Berglund on electric bass. This disc delves into the inventive compositions of Berglund and Astrand.