WE Live: The Carson Center
Group Name Murray State University Wind Ensemble
Conductor Dr. Trae Blanco
Guest Artists Amy McCann, clarinet; Brent Johnson, guest conductor
Album ID - 56350-MCD

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From the conductor, Dr. Trae Blanco
Recording an album in the middle of a pandemic may go down as the single most insane undertaking of my professional career; however, for these students, it was completely worth it. The students that come to Murray State University to study in our Department of Music do so because of the exceedingly talented teaching faculty here and the success of our former students as both educators and performers. The effort of the students to prepare the repertoire over their December break, return to ensemble rehearsals for three weeks, and then RECORD was an undertaking that they each met with great success and to say Im proud of them doesnt really seem like enough.
The repertoire of the album reflects a diversity in programing that WE believe in. At MSU, WE stands for the Wind Ensemble, but WE also show a great deal of support and interest in the programming and performance of literature at the highest level regardless of who it was penned by. Their efforts are to be commended, and Im grateful for their trust.
I hate to make a list of people to thank because indefinitely, Ill leave someone off, but a sincere thank you to:
Brent Johnson, my colleague and friend, whose ears contributed feedback throughout the entire recording session, and daily in our office.
Justin Patton, whose recording expertise and knowledge of capturing the hall has contributed to the sound of the album in away that I could have never described. Such a gift to our department!
Todd Hill, whose tremendous ears offered feedback throughout our recording session, and for his ability to call video shots during the concert recording. I'm grateful for all he does for our bands!
Digital Media Services at Murray State: W. Jeremy McKeel, Brandon Story, Shasta ONeal, and Michael Inman for their time with us recording the concert, and producing an exceptional video product for our Kentucky Music Educators Association All State Convention performance.
To Dennis Johnson and John Fannin, who over the course of twenty-five years together, directed the band programs at Murray State and developed a rich history that we are fortunate to continue each day.
To Gary and Barbara Morgan for their financial support to the "Band Fund for Excellence" making this project possible.
Finally, to the students, who worked long days, practiced long nights, all to achieve a common goal: may your work ethic be contagious to everyone around you for years to come as you continue to be model citizens and musicians to all of society.