Extraordinary Foundations
Group Name James Markey, bass trombone and Mike Roylance, tuba
Album ID - 56505-MCD

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With a combined playing career of over 70 years, James Markey and Mike Roylance have brought forward a project bringing the majesty and power of the bass trombone and tuba to center stage. This recording presents orchestral excerpts for these two instruments, as well as two important chamber works; one of which is a world premiere by Phil Snedecor, EXTRAORDINARY FOUNDATIONS. The duets feature both instruments in a virtuosic chamber music genre as solo instruments in their own right. Critical to the sound of the modern orchestra, the partnership of the bass trombone and tuba is displayed in a stunning package of captivating playing combined with invaluable spoken words of advice and wisdom. Pre-eminent artists and members of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, James Markey and Mike Roylance present well-known and lesser-known works of Berlioz, Bruckner, Copland, Franck, Holst, Kodaly, Mahler, Mussorgsky, Prokofiev, Respighi, Saint-Saens, Shostakovich, Richard Strauss, Tchaikovsky, and Richard Wagner.

1. Extraordinary Foundations
2. Opening Remarks
3. Remarks on Berlioz
4. Overture to Les Franc Juges
5. Mvt I. Introduction from Romeo and Juliet
6. Remarks on Bruckner
7. Mvt IV. from Symphony No. 7
8. Remarks on Copland
9. Symphony No. 3
10. Symphony No. 3
11. Remarks on Franck
12. Mvt III. from Symphony in D
13. Mvt III. from Symphony in D
14. Remarks on Holst
15. Mvt IV. Jupiter from Planets Suite
16. Remarks on Kodaly
17. Mvt IV. The Battle and Defeat of Napoleon
18. Remarks on Mahler
19. Mvt V. from Symphony No. 2 in C minor
20. Mvt V. from Symphony No. 2 in C minor
21. Remarks on Mussorgsky and Ravel
22. Pictures at an Exhibition, Promenade 1
23.Pictures at an Exhibition, Gnomus
24. Pictures at an Exhibition, Promenade 2
25. Pictures at an Exhibition, Great gate of Kiev
26. Remarks on Prokofiev
27. Lieutenant Kije
28. Romeo and Juliet
29. Romeo and Juliet
30. Symphony No. 5
31. Remarks on Respighi
32. Fontane di Roma
33. Remarks on Saint-saens
34. Mvt. II. from Symphony No. 3 in C
35. Mvt. II. from Symphony No. 3 in C
36. Remarks on Shostakovich
37. Symphony No. 7
38. Symphony No. 9
39. Symphony No. 10
40. Symphony No. 11
41. Symphony No. 12
42. Remarks on Strauss
43. Ein Heldenleben
44. Till Eulenspiegels lustige Streiche
45. Remarks on Tchaikovsky
46. Symphony No. 4 in F
47. Remarks on Wagner
48. Prelude to Act III of Lohengrin
49. Ride of the Valkyries
50. Concluding Remarks
51. Reciprocity