Carolina Band, 100 Years
Group Name Carolina Band
Album ID - 56556-MCD

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Founded in 1920 as a student-led group of approximately 20 students, the Carolina Band has grown to number more than 350 students representing over 70 academic majors and 20 states. Students in the Carolina Band represent nearly every college and school on the UofSC Columbia campus, with numerous Honors College students and Capstone Scholars. Having marched for over a century, it continues to entertain fans, serve the university and community, and provide students with an outlet to represent the very best of what the University of South Carolina has to offer.

The history of the Carolina Band now spans more than a century, through times of prosperity and growth, and through world wars and unprecedented challenges. The students, directors, staff, and supporters of the band have changed, but its spirit has endured. On Saturdays in the fall, in Columbia and across the nation, the sights and sounds of the Carolina Band have energized fans and propelled teams to victory. Day or night, sunshine, rain, or snow, winning or losing, the Carolina Band has been a mainstay of Gamecock pride.

1. Call to Attention
2. Gridiron Cocks Fanfare
3. Four-Corner Salute
4. Old Fight Song
5. Step to the Rear (Carolina Fight Song)
6. Garnet & Black March
7. 2001 Fanfare
8. Cockys 2001
9. UofSC Alma Mater (Instrumental)
10. 1st Down Offense Cheer
11. 2nd Down Offense Cheer
12. 3rd Down Offense Cheer
13. 2nd Down Defense Cheer
14. 3rd Down Defense Cheer
15. 4th Down Defense Cheer
16. Trumpet Cheer (C mon Get Happy)
17. At the Beach Medley
Wipeout, Surf City, Good Vibrations, Misirlou, California Girls 18. La Grange/Free Ride Medley
19. Shut Up and Drive
20. Dont Stop Me Now
21. El Camino Real
22. Quien Sabe/La Virgen de la Macarena
23. Ride/Forest Medley
24. Death of a Bachelor
25. Welcome to the Black Parade
26. The Incredibles
27. Jesus Christ Superstar
28. Phantom of the Opera
29. The Heat is on in Saigon
30. Say Amen
31. UofSC Alma Mater (Vocal)