Music in the Mist
Group Name David Porter, tuba
Album ID - 56570-MCD

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Concerto for Tuba
1. Mvt I Declaration
2. Mvt II Spiritual
3. Mvt III Epiphany

Concerto #2 for Tuba-Ortubagan
4. Mvt I Proclamation
5. Mvt II Prayer
6. Mvt III Rondo Caprice

7. David and Goliath

I began putting together the selections about three years ago. When COVID 19 came upon us, the project seemed like it would never happen. Then the idea of continuing with accompaniment tracks as a finale file came to the front. To solidify this idea two things happened. David Bandman, my friend and colleague, and whom was the recording engineer, agreed that he would record that way for me. Then Anthony OToole, the composer for his Concerto for Tuba, agreed to let us use the finale files he had for piano. With those two incentives, we began to record in the spring of 2020 and were allowed the use of the finale files for both of the other two selections on the CD. One year later had our recording for the whole CD finished.
The music selections do not have a theme or order, but are randomly isolated pieces of interest to me from my years as a professional tuba musician. The title-Music in the Mist- is concentric to the music coming out of the mist of Covid-19-trying to decide what to do and how to do it in a seemingly impossible situation.