2023 FMEA: All-State 11/12 Symphonic Orchestra
Group Name All-State 11/12 Symphony Orchestra
Conductor Kevin Noe
Event 2023 Florida Music Education Association (FMEA)
Album ID - 56771-MCD

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Please read the entire message below.
Mark Recording and FMEA appreciates you supporting music education with your purchase of this FMEA All-State product.
We deeply regret that we are unable to secure a synchronization license to include the images of the performance, “synchronized” with the audio track for Symphonic Dances from West Side Story. This denial of the copyright was unexpected.
On the MP4, we have included the audio soundtrack with no video image AND included the video with no audio soundtrack. Physical DVDs will ship with a free CD. We have included both of these versions as we are not legally able to synchronize these two files.
By law, Mark Custom Recording Service is legally unable to synchronize the audio and video tracks. However, you may try by playing the audio and video at the same time. Press start at the appropriate time to get the audio aligned with the video. The alignment may not be perfect, but it is the only legal way to synch these two files together.
Thank you for understanding Mark Recording and FMEA are adhering to US Federal copyright law. As well, thank you for understanding that licenses to synchronize the images with the music were not received. There are no other options to work around the laws.

CD = physical audio disc
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MP3 = digital audio
MP4 = digital video

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