Never A Reason to Stop
Group Name UGA Wind Ensemble
Conductor Nicholas Enrico Williams
Album ID - 56900-MCD

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1. Splinter

2. Peace Dancer
Jaclyn Hartenberger, Guest Conductor

3. O Ye That Love the Lord
Shiree X. Williams, Guest Conductor

Ascendant Cycles
4. I. seven generations
5. II. on Marian
6. III. never the ending
World premiere | Linqua Franqa, Hip-Hop Artist

Symphony No. 4 - Strange Time
7. I. Passages of Time
8. II. The Divide Between Light and Dark
9. III. Toward the Event Horizon
10. IV. Time Frozen
11. V. Out of Time

Triptych for Trumpet and Trombone
12. I. Preamble
13. II. Lament
14. III. Dialogues
World premiere | In memory of Eric Rombach-Kendall
Chris Martin, Trumpet | Joseph Alessi, Trombone

15. A deep reverberation fills with stars