Group Name Dordt University Wind Symphony
Conductor Dr. Onsby C. Rose
Album ID - 57040-MCD

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PATCHWORK is the second full length album by the Dordt University Wind Symphony. This album consists of a patchwork of music from various genres and time periods. As we began forming an idea of what we might include on the album, it became apparent to me that when placed together for a concert, this music is somewhat of a variety of colors, and ideas, much like a patchwork quilt.

As we rehearsed the music and prepared for this recording and the subsequent tour that accompanied the sessions, it became clear to me that the PATCHWORK of music that is performed here is a wonderful representation of the diversity of the people that perform, listen, and enjoy the music. Each of the members of the ensemble comes from a similar, but yet very different background. With them they bring individual experiences that are then coupled together with their fellow musicians to inform the music in which they share. In addition, the audiences that hear this music bring with them a wide range of emotions that inform how they perceive the music, and hopefully enable them to escape their everyday challenges, and lose themselves in the power that the music creates. With these thoughts it became clear that life is a patchwork or varying ideals, thoughts, emotions, challenges, and happiness, that can be colorfully described in the non-verbal language we call music.

In all that the Dordt University Wind Symphony does, our primary effort is to use our gift of music to both praise our Lord, as well as share His great praises and good news with all of the world. We pray that this music, although not necessarily theological in its creation, brings the great warmth of praise to each person whom hears. We believe that Gods kingdom entails all things, and we pray that our music will bring joy to all, and that it will bring great praise to the God that allows us to create such beautiful art.

1. Fanfare for a New Era

2. Prelude, Opus 34, No. 14

First Suite in Eb
3. I. Chaconne
4. II. Intermezzo
5. III. March

6. Rios Rainbow

7. Lightning Round

Suite for Band
8. I. Leaning Forward
9. II. Looking Back
10. III. Lifting Spirits

11. When I Consider the Heavens

12. Valkyrie Rising