Group Name Palisade Trumpet Collective
Album ID - 57041-MCD

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1. Adoration

2. Sophisticated Lady

3. Compressionism

4. Midnight Escape
World Premiere

5. Palisades
World Premiere

6. Sky Rising

7. I. Expressive
8. II. With Intensity
9. III. Lyrical, Gentle
10. IV. Expressive, With Intensity

11. Suite for Six Trumpets

12. A Night in Tunisia

About Sojourn
To sojourn is to stay only temporarily, or to visit-the lifestyle of the traveler or wayfarer. While that spirit captures much of the essence of the Palisade Trumpet Collective, coming together from around the country for only a few short weeks each year to share music with audiences and students, the true essence of this album lies deeper in the roots of a sojourning traveler. Just as great explorers are always seeking new discoveries, answers, and knowledge to better experience and understand the world around them, Palisade seeks to trailblaze new musical paradigms through this album with never before heard works, showcasing the vibrant colors and styles that trumpet ensemble can generate. This album is a culmination of commissions, consortiums, and arrangements meant to propel the genre of trumpet ensemble into the future, exploring styles and composers previously foreign to trumpet ensemble literature, and giving new voices to the repertoire.

About the Ensemble
The Palisade Trumpet Collective was founded in 2021 to engage audiences through the exploration and evolution of music for trumpet ensemble. Each member of the ensemble is a distinguished performer and professor from universities across the United States. Education is a staple of Palisades creative vocation, and it is our goal to reach new audiences with the power and beauty of the trumpet. Fluent across multiple genres and periods, and comfortable in many performance platforms, Palisade prioritizes commissioning new works for trumpet ensemble from diverse voices and enjoys bringing various styles and genres of music to our repertoire through arrangements and transcriptions. Members of the ensemble include: Zach Buie, Jesse Cook, Eric Millard, Christopher Scanlon, Kevin Whalen, and Lance Witty.