Group Name The Brass Arts Quintet Plays Orchestral Showpieces
Album ID - 57141-MCD

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Music of: Debussy, Elgar, Rachmaninoff, Holst, Granados, Shostakovich, Falla, Massenet, Rossini, Gottschalk

1. Fanfare from The Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian
2. Pomp and Circumstance March No. 2
3. Ballet Scenes from The Three-Cornered Hat

Three Spanish Dances from Danzas Espanolas, Op. 37
4. Minueto
5. Zambra
6. Zarabanda
7. Opening Movements from The Perfect Fool Ballet Suite

Two Instrumental Dances from Gypsy Opera Aleko
8. Mens Dance
9. Womens Dance

10. Prelude in G minor
11. Aria Non Piu Mesta from the Opera Cinderella
Scott Hagarty, trumpet soloist

Two Preludes from the 24 Preludes and Fugues, Op. 87
12. Prelude No. 13
Scott Hagarty, trumpet soloist

13. Prelude No. 23

Three Spanish Dances from the Le Cid Ballet Suite
14. Castillane
15. Andalouse
16. Catalane

17. Portrait of a Trumpet
Chris McCormick, trumpet soloist

18. Bamboula, Opus 2