John Williams 90th Birthday Celebration
Group Name FSU University Wind Orchestra
Conductor Patrick Dunnigan | Nickolas Doshier
Guest Artists Deborah Bish, clarinet | Benjamin Sung, violin
Album ID - 57180-MCD

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John Williams is, without question, one of Americas greatest composers. His vast career began in the 1950s and has continued for seven decades. During this time he has received twenty-five Grammy Awards, five Academy Awards, and countless other awards and recognitions. In 2005, his soundtrack to the film Star Wars (1977) was selected by the American Film Institute as the greatest movie score of all time. While he is best known for his collaborations with Stephen Spielberg and George Lucas, his vast body of work includes television, music composed specifically for the Olympic Games, stand-alone classical compositions, and a thirteen-year tenure as conductor of the world-renowned Boston Pops Orchestra.

Tonights concert is a celebration of this extraordinary composer in the year of his ninetieth birthday. We are pleased to feature music from his most popular and enduring film scores. All of the arrangements used this evening were created at Williams request specifically for the two occasions when he conducted the The Presidents Own United States Marine Band. We hope you enjoy our tribute to this musical genius.

The premieres for the following John Williams Signature Edition arrangements for wind ensemble coincided with the 205th and 210th anniversaries of the United States Marine Band - in 2003 and 2008 respectively - performed at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Arts in Washington D.C. and conducted by the legendary composer, John Williams. The subsequent program notes are John Williams original words relayed here for you from the conductors scores, including edits for content and length.

1. Overture To The Cowboys (1972)

2. The Jedi Steps & Finale (2015)

3. Viktors Tale (2004)
Deborah Bish, clarinet

4. Adventures On Earth (1982)

5. Raiders March (1981)
Nickolas Doshier, graduate associate conductor

6. Theme From Schindlers List (1993)
Benjamin Sung, violin

7. The Imperial March (Darth Vaders Theme) (1980)

8. Star Wars Main Title (1977)