Elvis is Still in the Building
Group Name The University of Kentucky Jazz Ensemble and JazzCats
Conductor Miles Osland | Dr. Raleigh Dailey
Album ID - 57199-MCD

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1. Brotherhood of Man
Austin Stunkard (first solo) & Clifton Grady, trumpets

2. Saturday Night (Is the Loneliest Night of the Week)
Sam Gritton (left channel) & Sam Nagel (right channel), bass trombones; Ben Bossert, bass

3. Brighter Times
Raleigh Dailey, piano; Nick Foster, alto saxophone; Jacob Davidson, drums
Premiere recording
Premiered by UKJE at the 2023 JEN Conference-Orlando, FL

4. Mama Llama Samba
Clifton Grady, trumpet; Nick Foster, alto saxophone

5. From the 7 Hills of New Rome to the City upon a Hill
Adam Zoolalian, piano; Dalton Stanland, tenor saxophone
premiere recording

6. Early Autumn
Dalton Stanland, tenor saxophone

7. Elvis Is Still In the Building
Austin Stunkard, trumpet; Dalton Stanland, tenor saxophone; Adam Zoolalian, piano
premiere recording

8. Deadline

9. Mediterranean Blue

10. Rieauxs Dream

11. Moonlight In Vermont