Brass Quintet Set includes all 10 Mark Brass Qunitet CDs
Group Name
Album ID - 6698-MCDS

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A better deal cannot be found. This CD set includes all 10 of the CDs on the Mark Records and Mark Masters Labels. These CDs inlcude: Fred Mills and Pentabrass Quintet (5551-MCD), Brass Sketches - Eastern Kentucky Faculty Brass Quintet (4819-MCD), Fanfares and Passages - Atlantic Brass Quintet (4247-MCD), Christmas at Beaumont Tower - Beaumont Brass (3609-MCD), Images - Wisconsin Brass Quintet (2962-MCD), Carolina Brass Christmas - Carolina Brass (3195-MCD), Shazam! - Brass Arts Quintet (4365-MCD), Music for Student and Professional Brass Quintets - Brass Arts Quintet (591-MES), Happy Holidays! -El Paso Brass (2572-MCD), Effervescent Brass - El Paso Brass (2880-MCD). Great Music, Better value!!! You will never find a better price than at this website.