Saxophone Solo and Ensemble Super Set
Group Name Jamal Rossi, Tom Bergeron, Deborah Richtmeyer, Eugene Carinci & Harvey Pittel
Album ID - 6707-MCDS

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Six solo and ensemble CDs for an amazingly low price!!! These 6 CDs include solo CDs from Jamal Rossi - Relentless - 2553-MCD, Tom Bergeron - Saxophone Alone - 2204-MCD, Deborah Richtmeyer - Light of Sothis - 1806-MCD, Eugene Carinci - Music for Saxophone - 1611-MCD, The Harvey Pittel Saxophone Quartet - Live in Chicago - 2106-MCD and Tex Sax - Saxophone Choir featuring Harvey Pittell - 2280-MCD... This Saxophone superset is a must have for every saxophone player. You WILL get better by listening to these leaders in the saxophone industry. You will not find these CDs at a better price that at this website!