2006 Midwest Clinic - McLean High School Symphonic Band-CD
Group Name
Album ID - 6769-MCD

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JAMES KIRCHENBAUER, DIRECTOR, The Red Machine Gramercy/P. Graham - The Last Rose of Summer/T. Moore/J. Swearingen - Concerto for Timpani and Wind Ensemble (III. Horse Ride)/N. Rosauro - Come Sweet Death/J.S. Bach/A. Reed - Symphonic Metamorphosis (II. Turandot, Scherzo)/P. Hindemith/K. Wilsom - El Rey de Fransia/R. Sheldon - The Gallant Seventh/J.P. Sousa/L. Schissel - Finale from “Symphony No. 15”/Mozart/L. Daehn - Journey Through Orion/J. Giroux - Fantasy for Film for Boston Brassand Wind Ensemble/R. DeJonge - The Circus Bee/H. Fillmore