2006 Midwest Clinic - Musashino Academia Musicae Wind Ensemble (Japan)
Group Name
Album ID - 6775-MCD

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RAY E. CRAMER, KENNETH G. BLOOMQUIST, RUSSELL COLEMAN, DON WILCOX: CONDUCTORS Emblems/A. Copland - Pastorale: Autumn Rune/R. Nelson - Three Japanese Dances (III. Dance of Swords)/B. Rogers/ed. T. Topolewski - The White Rose/J. P. Sousa/arr. K. Brion - Rondo from Fantasia and Rondo/C. M. Von Weber/arr. J. Snavely - In a Nutshell Suite Southern (III. Tune in a Popular London Style)/P. A. Grainger/arr. R. M. Rogers - Kelly’s Field/J. Higdon - Fantasie Brillante for Solo Trumpet and Band/J. Arban/arr. D. Hunsberger - Danse Diabolique/J. Hellmesberger/arr. T. Takahashi