2006 Midwest Clinic - Winter Park High School Wind Ensemble-CD
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Album ID - 6777-MCD

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JOHN P. LACOGNATA, DIRECTOR Russian and Ludmilla Overture/M. Glinka/M. H. Hindsley - Variants on a Shaped Note Tune/J. Vinson - Sea to Shining Sea/J. Curnow - Four Scottish Dances (I. Pesante, II. Vivace, III. Allegretto, IV. Con brio)/M. Arnold/J.P. Paynter - Ave Maria/A. Bruckner/J. Kreines - Sentinels/R. Barrett - Children’s March/P.A. Grainger/R. M. Rogers - A Sacred Suite (I. Spirit of the Ages Fanfare, II. Consolation, III. True Happiness/How Firm a Foundation)/B. Karrick -British Eighth March/Z. Elliott