2006 Midwest Clinic - Lakota West High School Symphonic Winds-CD
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Album ID - 6779-MCD

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GREGORY L. SNYDER, DIRECTOR; CHRISTOPHER L. BRANDENBURG, ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR SkySplitter!/V.J. Oppido - No Shadow of Turning/D. R. Gillingham - Metroplex/R. Sheldon - Heroic Tribute/J. Curnow - Heartbeat Five Pepper/G.P. Gilroy - Concerto for Woodwind Quintet and Wind Symphony (II. Andante con moto, IV. Allegro moderato, ma energico)/R.R. Bennett - The Nutmeggers Bourne/E. Osterling - Goin’ Home for Christmas/arr. L. Clark - Hebrides Suite (I. The Peat-Fire Flame, IV. The Road To The Isles)/C. Grundman - Finale from Symphony No. 1 in G minor/V. Kalinnikov/Bainum