2006 Midwest Clinic - McCracken Middle School Symphonic Band-CD
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Album ID - 6781-MCD

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CHIP DE STEFANO, CONDUCTORDONALD DEROCHE, DONALD STAHLBERG, STEPHEN PETERSON, DON OWENS GUEST CONDUCTORSJ. Fantastique/D. Akey-Ancient Dialogue/P. J. Burns-Little Suite For Band (I. Prelude, II. Ballad, III. Festival)/C. Grundman-Albanian Dance/S. Hanson-Our Kingsland Spring/S. R. -Chinese Folk Song Medley/R. J. Garofalo-Orange Bowl/H. Fillmore-Prelude and Fugue in D minor/J.S. Bach/trans. R. Moehlmann- Ye Banks and Braes O’ Bonnie Doon/arr. M. Sweeney-Symphony No. 4 (IV. Fast)/A. Boysen, Jr. 2005-2006 MCCRACKEN MIDDLE SCHOOL SYMPHONIC BAND Rough Riders/K. King-Pageant/V. Persichetti- Irish Rhapsody/C Grundman