2006 Midwest Clinic - Oregon Symphonic Band
Group Name
Album ID - 6782-MCD

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MICHAEL BURCH-PESSES, CONDUCTOR AND MUSICAL DIRECTOR Symphonic Fanfare/M. Camphouse - Hine e Hine Gramercy/Princess Te Rangi Pai/P. Graham - City of Glass and Steel/D. Bobrowitz - Firefall/R. Barrett - The Wrong Note Rag/L. Bernstein/T. Ricketts - Vientos y Tangos/M. Gandolfi - The Screamer March/F. Jewell - Canticle at Christmastide/J. Curnow - Lyric Essay/D. Coakley - Beautiful Oregon/J. Barnes - Whispers from the Heart/G. Farmer - Symphony No. 3 (IV. Allegro con brio)/V. Giannini