2007 FLORIDA MUSIC EDUCATORS ASSOCIATION (FMEA) All-State Concert & Symphony Orchestras-CD
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Album ID - 6814-MCD

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GARY LEWIS, CONDUCTOR Star Spangled Banner/F.S. Key/J. S. Smith - Shortcut Home/D. Wilson - Enigma Variations (X. Nimrod)/Sir E. Elgar - Pictures at an Exhibition (Promenade, Catacombs, Cum mortuis in lingua mortua, Babayaga, Great Gate of Kiev)/M. Mussorgsky/M. Ravel SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA WILLIAM WIEDRICH, CONDUCTOR Star Spangled Banner/F. S. Key/J. S. Smith - Firebird Suite (Introduction/The Firebird and its Dance, Variation of the Firebird, The Princesses’ Round, Infernal Dance of King Kashchei, Berceuse, Finale)/I. Stravinsky - We Are the Music Makers/P. Drennan