Consecrate (The Place and Day To Music)
Group Name Mansfield University Concert Choir; Mansfield High School Chorus; Mansfield University Wind Ensemble
Conductor Peggy Dettwiler
Event Mansfield
Album ID - 7210-MCD

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1. Consecrate the Place and Day
2. O nata lux from Lux Aeterna
3. The Last Words of David
4. A Jubilant Song
5. It Takes a Village
6. O How Amiable
7. Elijah: Lord, bow Thine ear to our prayer
8. Elijah: For He Shall give his angels charge over thee
9. Elijah: Lift thine eyes to the mountains
10. Elijah: Behold! God the Lord passed by
11. Virgo gemma virginum
12. O Jesu mea vita
13. Lux Aurumque
14. Gate Gate
15. Svete tihiy (Gladsome Light), Op. 44
16. This Little Light of Mine
17. True Light