The Pulse of the Spirit of Aggie Land - The Fightin' Texas Aggie Band
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Album ID - 7348-MCD

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DR. TIMOTHY RHEA, DIRECTOR OF BANDS; JAY BREWER, ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR; PAUL SYKES, ASSISTANT DIRECTOR National Anthem/F. S. Key/arr. Dunn - Texas Our Texas/W. Marsh/arr. Moffit - Noble Men of Kyle/J. T. Haney - Sempre Fidelis/J. P. Sousa/arr. Rhea - Ballad of the Green Berets/B. Sadler/arr. Warrington - March America/T. Rhea - Stars and Stripes Forever/J. P. Sousa - Patton/J. Goldsmith/arr. Comley - Spirit of the First Division/Honey Boys on Parade/Frank & E.V. Cupero/arr. Rhea - Strategic Air Command/C. Williams - Invictus/K. L. King - Bravura/C. Duble - When Johnny Comes Marching Home/W. Swor - Barnum & Bailey’s Favorite/K. L. King - Midway/J. Williams/arr. Rhea - The Trombone King/K. L. King - Boys of the Old Brigade/French National Defile/P. Chambers & A. Turlet - The Spirit of Aggieland/R. J. Dunn/arr. Haney - 12th Man/M. Mimes/arr. Rhea - Drum Major “Recall”/M. Valdez - The Texas Aggie War Hymn/J.V. Wilson/arr. Dunn - The Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band Hump-it/Sing - Louie Louie - Let’s Go Devils, Fight - Blue & White - Devil with a Blue Dress - Final Countdown - Bye - Dear Old Duke