2008 Florida Music Educators Assoc. (FMEA) All-State Elementary & MS Treble & Mixed Chorus-CD
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Album ID - 7375-MCD

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ALL-STATE ELEMENTARY CHORUS ROLLO DILWORTH, CONDUTOR Star Spangled Banner/F. S. Key/J. S. Smith - May Joyful Music Fill the Air/T. Tallis/R. Robinson - Laudate Pueri/N. Hi. Cobb - I Hear America Singing/A. J. Thomas - In Dublin’s Fair City/J. Yorkston/D. S. Berry - Solidaridad/D. Brunner - Days of Quiet Joy/P. Basler - Wheels A-Turnin’/Traditional/R. Dilworth ALL-STATE MIDDLE SCHOOL TREBLE CHORUS SANDY HOLLAND, CONDUCTOR Star Spangled Banner/F. S. Key/J. S. Smith - Come Ye Makers of Song/G. V. Thompson/R. W. Henderson - Wenn Ich Ein Vöglein Wär/R. Schuman/ed. J. B. Haberlen - Et Exultavit/A. Vivaldi/ed. J. Galván - The Softness of My Mother’s Hands/J. S. Alexander - The Storm Is Passing Over/C. A. Tindley/arr. B. Baker ALL-STATE MIDDLE SCHOOL MIXED CHORUS CRAIG DENISON, CONDUCTOR Star Spangled Banner/F. S. Key/J. S. Smith - Sing Praise to God with One Accord/J. Haydn/arr. R. Field - The Dove and the Olive Leaf/B. Chilcott - Lebenslust/F. Schubert/ed. R. Robinson - My Funny Valentine/R. Rogers/L. Hart/arr. J. Althouse - Wi’a Hundred Pipers/Scottish Folksong/arr. K. Berg - Lord I Don’t Feel Noways Tired/arr./adpt. J. Hairston