2008 Texas Music Educators Association TMEA All-State Womens & Mens Choirs-CD
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Album ID - 7411-MCD

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ELENA SHARKOVA, CONDUCTOR ALL-STATE WOMENS CHOIR The Star Spangled Banner - Magnificat: Canticle of Mary - Hvalite Imya Gospodne (Praise the Name of the Lord) - Blagoslovi, Dusche Moya, Ghospoda (Bless the Lord, O My Soul) - Nada te Turbe (Saint Teresa of Avila) - Libertango - Still I Rise! Z. RANDALL STROOPE, CONDUCTOR ALL-STATE MENS CHOIR I Will Greatly Rejoice - Die Irae (Day of Wrath) - Nine Sili Nebesniya (Now the Powers of Heaven) - Danny Boy - Rainbow Round My Shoulder - Omittamus Studia (Student Song from Carmina Juventutis/Songs of Youth)