2008 Texas Music Educators Assoc. (MEA) West Ridge, Willow Wood and Henry Treble Choirs-CD
Group Name
Album ID - 7433-MCD

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WEST RIDGE MIDDLE SCHOOL VARSITY TREBLE CHOIR KENDRA WELTON, DIRECTOR Noël des enfants qui n’ont plus de maisons/C. Debussy - O God of Love from Orfeo/C. W. Gluck/arr. N. Grundahl - Mainacht (May Night)/J. Brahms/arr. Z. R. Stroope - Circle ‘Round the Moon from Reflections of Youth/M. Hierholzer - Will There Really Be a “Morning?”/w: E. Dickinson/arr. C. H. Johnson - El Monigote (The Ragdoll)/arr. D. V. Saez WILLOW WOOD JUNIOR HIGH VARSITY TREBLE CHOIR SHERRY MILLER, DIRECTOR Let Beauty Awake/L. Farnell - Sanctus /T. L. De Victoria/ed. & arr. J. W. Harris - Plaisir D’Amour/G. Martini/arr. C. Strommen - Johnny Said, “No!”/V. Singh - Danny Boy/F. Weatherly/arr. M. Patterson - Go Down Moses/Trad. Spiritual/arr. M. Hayes HENRY MIDDLE SCHOOL VARSITY TREBLE CHOIR KIMBERLY WILLIAMS, DIRECTOR Zion’s Walls/A. Copland/arr. G. Koponen - The Poet Sings/Z. R. Stroope - The Mouse Madrigal/arr. S. Porter - O-Yo-Yo (Les femmes de maris aux vignes)/French Canadian Folk Song/ad. S. Hatfield - Laudamus Te/R. Clausen - Dream Keeper/A. Ramsey/w: L. Hughes - Can You Hear/J. Papoulis/arr. F. J. Núñez