2008 ACDA East Pomerium and Musica Intima-CD
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Album ID - 7455-MCD

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POMERIUM ALEXANDER BLACHLY, DIRECTOR In monte Oliveti/C. Gesualdo/Vox in Rama/G. de Wert - ox clamantis in deserto/G. de Wert - Ecce vidimus eum/C. Gesualdo - Ascendente Jesu/G. de Wert - Judas, mercator pessimus/C. Gesualdo - Vide homo/O. de Lassus MUSICA INTIMA Magic Songs (Chant to bring back the wolf, Chant for clear water, Chant for the spirits of hunted animals, Chant to keep the bees warm in winter, Chant to make the magic work)/R. M. Schafer - You Have Ravished My Heart/S. Chatma - Agneau de Dieu/R. Lang - Un Soir de Neige (De grandes cuillers de neige, La bonne neige, Bois meurtri, La nuit le froid la solitude)/F. Poulenc - Ice/B. Sled-Inuit Hunting Song/D. Healey - Loch Lomond/arr. J. Quick - So Long, Farewell from The Sound of Music/O. Hammerstein II/R. Rodgers/arr. K. Goheen