2008 ACDA East
Group Name
Album ID - 7458-MCD

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WEST MEN’S CHOIR JOSEPH OHRT, CONDUCTOR The Year Begins to Be Ripe from Song Books, Vol. 1/J. Cage - Adormus Te Bourne/G. P. da Palestrina Der Herr segne euch/J. S. Bach - Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird-Among twenty snowy mountains/M. Harris - I was of three minds/J. Miller - The blackbird whirled in the autumn winds/L. Larsen - A man and a woman/S. Hatfield - I do not know which to prefer/S. Paulus - Icicles filled the long window/E. Daley - O thin men of Haddam/J. Mäntyjärvi - I know noble accents/D. Gawthrop - When the blackbird flew out of sight/R. Dilworth - At the sight of blackbirds/M. Hughes - He rode over Connecticut/O. Gjeilo - The river is moving/ D. Conte - It was evening all afternoon/T. O’Regan - Ramkali/An Indian Raga/arr. E. Sperry CORNELL UNIVERSITY GLEE CLUB SCOTT TUCKER, CONDUCTOR If Ye Love Me/T. Tallis - Seinn O!/Traditional Scottish/arr. J. D. Moore/Ndandi Hleli - Traditional Xhosa/arr. S. Nyameleze - Oh Why Left I My Hame?/P. MacCleod/arr. S. Tucker - Last Letter Home/L. Hoiby - Ave Maria/F. Biebl