2008 ACDA East East Lebanon County MS and King Philip MS Singers-CD
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Album ID - 7461-MCD

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EASTERN LEBANON COUNTY MIDDLE SCHOOL CHORAL ENSEMBLE DAVID F. SHEAFFER, DIRECTOR The Echo Song (Italian Madrigal)/O. di Lasso/arr. R. Robinson - Amuworo ayi otu nwa/C. Onyeji - Dandansoy/Traditional Filipino Folk Song/arr. M. L. Ellis/H. H. Leck - At the River/adpt. A. Copland/arr. R. W. White - Shady Grove/American Folk Tune/arr. B. Bertaux - Dutch Country Sampler (Two Songs of the Pennsylvania Germans, Traditional Pennsylvania German Folk Songs)/arr. J. Kessler - Moscow Nights/V. Soloviev-Sedoy/arr. L. Taillacq - Kalinka/Russian Folk Song/arr. J. Gregory KING PHILIP MIDDLE SCHOOL “KING PHILIP SINGERS” MARC KAPLAN, CONDUCTOR Kenya Melodies/R. I. Hugh - Barechu/S. Rossi/ed. J. Jacobson - Cantate Domino/G. Asola/ed. C. G. Frischman - Elibama/S. Hatfield - I Dream a World/A. Thomas - The Cuckoo/American Folk Tune/arr. R. I. Hugh