2008 ACDA West Chor Leoni and The Australian Voices
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Album ID - 7480-MCD

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CHOR LEONI MEN�S CHOIR DIANE LOOMER, C.M., ARTISTIC DIRECTOR Ave Maris Stella/Latin Canticle/arr. D. Loomer - Immortal Bach/K. Nystedt, after J.S. Bach/arr. D. Loomer - Loch Lomond/Trad. Scottish folksong/arr. J. Quick - Nïne silï nebesnïye/A. Sheremetev - Incantatio maris aestuosi/V. Tormis - Te Quiero/A. Favero/arr. R. Sund/K. Cormier - 5 Ways to Kill a Man/B. Chilcott - La Cucaracha/Trad. Mexican folksong/arr. R. Sund - Canadiana Suite (Fogarty�s Cove/S. Rogers/arr. R. Smail, Sarah/Trad. Newfoundland folksong/arr. J. Quick, Frobisher Bay/J. Gordon/arr. D. Loomer, Trinque L�Amourette/Quebec folksong/arr. G. Isabelle, Four Strong Winds/I. Tyson/arr. L. Nickel, Rise Again/L. Dubinsky/arr. S. Smith) THE AUSTRALIAN VOICES STEPHEN LEEK, ARTISTIC DIRECTOR & CONDUCTOR Coonawrin from Glasshouse/S. Leek - Agnus Dei/S. Leek - Mater/E. Kats - Chernin - Cries and Whispers/S. Leek - Sea Children/D. Walker - Capricornia/G. Brophy - Blue Horses/D. Walker - Brave Ned/G. Hamilton