2008 Illinois Music Educators Association: All-State and Honors Bands
Group Name 2008 IMEA All-State Band and Honors Band
Conductor Quincy C. Hilliard; Ray E. Cramer
Event 2008 Illinois Music Educators Association
Album ID - 7491-MCD

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Quincy C. Hilliard and Ray E. Cramer, Conductors All-State Band-The Liberty Bell (March)/ J. P. Sousa/Holcombe-Spirit of Survival/Quincy C. Hilliard-Perthshire Majesty/S. R. Hazo-The Unknown Soldier/Q. C. Hilliard-Pachinko/P. Yoder THE COMBINED ALL-STATE ENSEMBLES-America, The Beautiful/S. A. Ward/C. Dragon HONORS BAND-Celebration Fanfare/S. Reineke-Dusk /S. Bryant-Bells for Stokowski/M. Daugherty-The White Rose Willow/J. Philip Sousa/K. Brion THE COMBINED HONORS ENSEMBLES-America, The Beautiful/S. Augustus Ward/C. Dragon