2008 Kentucky Music Educators Association (KMEA) Symphony & Commonwealth String Orchestras-CD
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Album ID - 7533-MCD

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SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA ALLEN TINKHAM, CONDUCTOR Night on Bald Mountain/M. Mussorsky - Second Symphony "Romantic" (I. Adagio; Allegro Moderato, II. Andante Contemerezza, III. Allegro con brio)/H. Hanson COMMONWEALTH STRING ORCHESTRA DR.ANDREW GEORGE, CONDUCTOR Brand-N-Bach/M. Brand - II. Allegretto from Symphony No. 7/L. van Beethoven/arr. L. Keiser - The Tall-Eared Fox and the Wild-Eyed Man/E. Chambers - O Magnum Mysterium/M. Lauridsen/trans. S. Dackow - St. Paul’s Suite (I.Jig, II. Ostinato, IV. Finale “The Dargason”)/G. Holst