Branford High School Choirs (2 Disc)
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CATHYANN RODING, CONDUCTOR Disc 1 Earth Song/F. Ticheli - Loch Lomond/arr. D. Overton - Creidim Ionat (I Believe In You)/C. Roding - Ave Maria/S. Rachmaninoff - Famine Song/Vida/arr. M. Culloton - Shenandoah/arr. J. Erb - The Fields of Athenry/P. St. John - A-Roving/Sea Shanty/M. Malone/arr. M. Brymer - May It Be/N. & R. Ryan/arr. M. Brymer - Sicut Cervus/G. Palestrina - Verbum Cara Factum Est/H. L. Hassler - Tu Es Petrus/G. Palestrina - Helplessly Hoping/S. Stills/arr. P. Lawson - Hide and Seek/Imogen Heap - New Hymn/J. Taylor - Forever Young/J. Baez - The Irish Blessing/J. Eilers Bacak Disc 2 - To Music/arr. B. Bertaux - Breakaway/Benenate, Lavigne, Gerrard/arr. A. Billingsley - Carry On/S. Stills - Sir Duke/S. Wonder/arr. A. Edenroth - What a Wonderful World/Weiss & Thiele/arr. A. Snyder - Wild Song/M. McGlynn - Skye Boat Song/H. Boulton - Flower of Scotland/R. Williamson - Cantate Domino/G. Pitoni - Agnus Dei/S. Porterfield - Sing Me to Heaven/D. E. Gawthrop - Danny Boy/arr. M. Ragonese - Dúlamán/M. McGlynn - Ceann Dubh Dilis/M. McGlynn - Amor Vittorioso/G. Gastoldi - All Ye Who Music Love/B. Donato - Witness/arr. J. Halloran - Ain’t Got Time to Die/arr. H. Johnson - The Lord Bless You and Keep You/P. C. Lutkin - You Light The Way/C. Roding