To Make a Prairie
Group Name Carla Connors, soprano; Timothy Hoekman, piano
Album ID - 7890-MCD

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1. To Make a Prairie: To Make a Prairie
2. To Make a Prairie: She Sweeps with Many-Colored Brooms
3. To Make a Prairie: It Sifts from Leaden Sieves
4. To Make a Prairie: Two Butterflies Went Out at Noon
5. American Lyrics: When June Is Here
6. American Lyrics: The Philosopher
7. American Lyrics: Mend the World
8. American Lyrics: Come Slowly, Eden
9. American Lyrics: i am so glad and very
10. Seven Housman Songs: Loveliest of Trees
11. Seven Housman Songs: When I Was One-and-Twenty
12. Seven Housman Songs: There Pass the Careless People
13. Seven Housman Songs: Oh, When I Was in Love with You
14. Seven Housman Songs: The Lent Lily
15. Seven Housman Songs: Look Not in My Eyes
16. Seven Housman Songs: From Far, from Eve and Morning
17. Four Emily Dickinson Songs: A Letter
18. Four Emily Dickinson Songs: How the Waters Closed above Him
19. Four Emily Dickinson Songs: Wild Nights
20. Four Emily Dickinson Songs: There Came a Wind Like a Bugle
21. Isaac Greentree
22. The Astronomers
23. Ballad on Queen Anne’s Death
24. Sweet River
25. Maiden Snow
26. Birds, U.S.A.
27. Postcard from Spain
28. Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening
29. i carry your heart
30. Morning in Paris
31. I Can’t Be Talkin’ of Love
32. Penguin Geometry