2007-2008 New Trier High School Jazz Ensembles
Group Name
Album ID - 7903-MCD

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JAMES WARRICK, DIRECTOR Reverence/J. Clayton - Hidden Agenda/E. Richards - Late Arrival/J. Jarvis - Blue in Green/M. Davis/E. Richards - Tall and Lanky/J. Coffin - Hunting Wabbits II (A Bad Hare Day)/G. Goodwin - Musicians’ Village Street Parade/A. Baylock - Cubaneando/B. Washut - Portrait of Insanity/C. Fry - Don't Fret the Beard/C. McDonald - Afro Blue/M. Santamaria/M. P. Mossman - The Funk Stomps Here/R. De Rosa - Livin' Larger Than Life/A. Baylock