2008 Midwest Clinic - Minnesota Symphonic Winds-CD
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Album ID - 7959-MCD

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TIMOTHY MAHR, CONDUCTOR Small Town Sketches/D. W. Moore-I. Concert in the Park-Horkstow Grange from Lincolnshire Posy-Exhilaration and Cry/D. Grantham-Intrada from Banchetto Musical/J. H. Schein/E. Huckeby-Uncle Lumpy’s Garage/T. Mahr and J. Mahr-Play!/C. Holmquist-Unraveling/A. Boysen, Jr.-Tangent/J. Wasson-Carnival of the Animals/C. St. Saëns/J. Curnow-III. The Swan-Minnesota March/J. P. Sousa/F. Fennell-Patapan/S. Hanson-Silverado/B. Broughton/R. Bass Video