2008 Midwest Clinic - Palmetto Concert Band
Group Name
Album ID - 7961-MCD

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JAMES K. COPENHAVER AND WILLIAM J. MOODY, CONDUCTORS Eternal Father, Strong to Save/C. T. Smith-Prayer & Canto L. Zaninelli/D. Marlett-Prayer-Concert Etude, Op. 4/A. Goedicke-Symphonic Movement/V. Nelhybel-Forever Holding Close the Memories/R. L. Saucedo-On the Overland Stage to El Paso/D. R. Holsinger-Cheetah/K.l Husa-Shenandoah�s Simple Gifts/L. Clark-Slidin� Stiehl/D. Shaffer-EarlyLigh/C. Bremer