2008 Midwest Clinic - University of North Texas Vocal Jazz Ensemble-CD
Group Name
Album ID - 7968-MCD

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PARIS RUTHERFORD, DIRECTOR Anthropology/C. Parker/P. Rutherford-The Fall/G. Eckert-Gone With the Wind/A. Wrubel/H. Magidson/P. Rutherford- Impressions/J. Coltrane/K. Marsh-Round Midnight/T. Monk/B. Hanighen/D. Meader-Song for Bilbao/P. Metheny/P. Rutherford-Splanky/N. Hefti/P. Rutherford-Talking to Mysel/D. Grolnick/G. Eckert/P. Rutherford-This is All I Ask/G. Jenkins/P.Rutherford