2009 IllinoisMusic Educators Association (IMEA) All-State and Honors Band-CD
Group Name
Album ID - 8111-MCD

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DAVID MORRISON, CONDUCTOR Chorale and Capriccio/C. Giovanninni-Geometric Dances/R. Cichy-Vesuvius/ F. Ticheli-Bullets and Bayonets/J. P. Sousa/arr. R. Cramer HONORS BAND, MARK CAMPHOUSE, CONDUCTOR Symphonic Fanfare/M. Camphouse-Olympica/J. Van der Roost-A Dakota Rhapsody/M. Camphouse-Symphonies of Gaia/J. Ogren-Dance of the Jesters/P. I. Tchaikovsky/arr. R. Cramer-Yankee Doodlin’/P. Parker-Grand Finale THE COMBINED HONORS RGANIZATIONS Illinois/Setting: A. Boysen, Jr.