2009 Illinois Music Educators Association IMEA Honors and All-State Chorus-CD
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Album ID - 8113-MCD

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TIM FREDSTROM, CONDUCTOR Mule Rendera/C. A. Pinto Fonesca - Have Ye Not Known/Ye Shall Have a Song/R. Thompson - The Moon Is Distant from the Sea/D. Childs - Take, O Take Those Lips Away/R. Boyd-Fergus an’ Molly/V. Singh - John the Revelator/P. Caldwell/S. Ivory HONORS CHORUS JOSEPH MILLER, CONDUCTOR At the Round Earth’s Imagined Corners/W. Spencer - Ring Out Wild Bells (The Passing of the Year)/J. Dove - Oremus (Gloria Patri)/U. Sisask - Weep No More/D. Childs - Blagoslovi, dushe moya, Ghospoda/M. Ippolitov - Ivanov/arr. Chesnokov - This Little Light of Mine/M. Hogan - THE HONORS CHORUSES My Illinois/A. Boysen