2009 Texas Music Educators Association TMEA MB Lamar & Seven Lakes HS Chorale Women
Group Name
Album ID - 8163-MCD

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MIRABEAU B. LAMAR HIGH SCHOOL CHORALE WOMEN SCOTT HOUSTON & GAIL LAND, DIRECTORS Day Break from The Earth Sings/arr. S. Paulus - Carrickfergus/arr. V. Dooman - InFlammatus et accensus/G. B. Pergolesi - They Have Freckles Everywhere: Seven Pieces of Me (V. My Mouth, VI. My Fingers, VII. My Freckles)/E. Alexander - I Could Not Let You Go from Momentos from Millay/J. Q. Mulholland/w. E. St. Vincent Millay - The Rat/E. Podgaits SEVEN LAKES HIGH SCHOOL CHORALE WOMEN SHANNON CARTER & JULIA COOPER, DIRECTORS Laudate Dominum/E. Hovland - I Will LIft Up My Eyes/Z. R. Stroope - Chanson des Aiguilles/C. Saint-Saëns/ed. J. Galván - Prayer for the Gifts/K. Lange - Ower the Hills/Traditional Melodies/w. S. Hatfield/J. Newton - Rockin� Jerusalem/arr. T. B. Thomas