2009 Texas Music Educators Association TMEA Evans & Smithfield MS Treble Choirs-CD
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Album ID - 8165-MCD

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LEONARD C. EVANS, JR. MIDDLE SCHOOL CHAMBER VARSITY TREBLE CHOIR CINDY STECKLINE JOHNSTON, DIRECTOR Illumina oculos meos/P. P. da Palestrina/ed. J. Leavitt - A-Maying, A-Playing/m. S. Chatman/w. T. Nashe - Cherry Ripe/m. S. Chatman/w. R. Herrick - A Child’s Credo/Traditional Latin Text/m. G. Gilpin - First Snow/w. S. Dunlop/m. R. Unterseher - It’s Ragtime!/K. Shaw - How Can I Keep from Singing?/Traditional Quaker Hymn/arr. R. E. Schram - La Danza/m. G. Rossini/arr. J. Q. Mulholland SMITHFIELD MIDDLE SCHOOL VARSITY TREBLE CHOIR JENNIE CRAWFORD, DIRECTOR Gloria/S. Riley - O Lord, How Excellent Is Thy Name/B. Marcello/ed. P. Chase - Kikkehihi/J. H. Schein - Remember Me/L. Farnell - The Green Shores of Fogo/S. Hatfield - Singabahambayo/Two South African Freedom Songs/A. Nyberg/ed. H. Leck - Fix You/G. Berryman/W. Champion/C. Martin/J. Buckland