2009 Texas Music Educators Association TMEA Amarillo Girl, Texas & Conspirare Childrens Choirs-CD
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Album ID - 8167-MCD

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AMARILLO GIRL CHOIR JERRY PERALES, DIRECTOR Sing! O Sing!/D. Perry/J. Perry - Kyrie/S. Porterfield - There is Sweet Music Here/M. L. Lightfoot - How Can I Stop Singing My Song?/C. Gray - Out of the Morning/D. J. Hall - Gratias Deo/M. L. Lightfoot - Jonah/R. A. Dilworth - TEXAS CHILDREN’S CHOIR THOMAS G. HARDAWAY, II, M.D., DIRECTOR Joyful, Joyful Day from Acis and Galatea/G. F. Handel/arr. L. Spevacek - Herr, du siehst from Cantata 9/J. S. Bach/ed. D. Rao - How Lovely is Thy Dwelling Place from Ein deutsches Requiem/J. Brahms/B. Treharne - The Nursery Rhyme Cantata (V. Fairest Lady, VII. A Little Curl)/N. Page CONSPIRARE CHILDREN’S CHOIR NINA REVERING, DIRECTOR Sing a Song of Sixpence/J. M. Dyak - Sambalelê/E. Lakschevitz - Le Chien Perdu/F. Poulenc - Cape Bretton Lullaby/K. Leslie/S. Calvert - Untraveled Worlds/P. Halley